Practice Online with Amanda and Cara

Amanda McMaine – Founder and Program Director

This 90-minute, therapeutic yoga practice is focused on how synchronized movements in head, pelvis, and feet create a full body feeling of fluidity and joyful ease, how abduction creates space for spinal elongation and how movements in the extremities inform the core for an integrated experience of movement. A somatic journey with a long delicious relaxation to end the class!

You’ll need: 4 blankets or thick towels, a yoga strap, necktie, or bathrobe belt, 2 yoga blocks or thick books.

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Cara Sparkman – Co-Founder and Partner

This 25 minute yoga nidra practice is designed to guide practitioners through the koshas, or layers of the self, and to provide an opportunity for deep rest and relaxation. You can enjoy this practice in a supported reclining position, seated, standing, or even walking around.

You’ll need: a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, props to support you in a lying down position, or a chair to sit in.