“I could not recommend Amanda McMaine’s training more. I have benefitted professionally and personally from it.  Amanda truly embodies what a yoga teacher is and should be, and I am ever so grateful I have had the opportunity to learn from one of the best.  The exposure to her extensive knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology was a huge eye opener.  Amanda’s training gave me the ability to say yes to many amazing opportunities. I have now taught yoga in three countries and four different states, soon to be five.  Amanda teaches material that goes beyond the names of the poses or a particular style. What I learned about the correct alignment of the body, and necessary modifications for the populations I have taught and will teach has continued to benefit my students and myself.  I have confidence when I walk into a class that I can safely address each student’s needs. I have now taught classes that range from beginners to disabled war veterans and even a senior chair yoga class. Because of my excellent training I know I can provide a safe and inclusive class each and every time.  

The training went beyond just teaching me how to be a great teacher–it taught me how to be a better student. I learned how to start to trust myself and my intuition, and how give myself space to not only heal but to grow in amazing ways.  If you’re on the fence about Amanda’s training or curious if the investment in this training will be worth it, the answer is a resounding YES.  It will challenge you, and you will gain unimaginable benefits.”

 – Danielle