Mission and Philosophy

Yoga is a multidimensional practice with a complex history. Modern yoga emerged out of ancient belief-systems and sacred cultural practices, yet draws on advances in modern science in the service of mind-body-spirit balance, self-exploration and life transformation. Studying yoga, in all of its complexity, leads to an understanding of a philosophy, lifestyle and practice that has developed over thousands of years and across many cultures. Fostering an appreciation of scientific innovations and their contribution to current self-care, transformative and empowering practices–from safe alignment and movement principles, calming breath-work, and mindfulness meditation to innovative learning-teaching methods–also supports inspired, intelligent and professional teaching.

Our programs were designed by a small team of educators with decades of combined experience, and we seek to serve yoga practitioners and spiritual seekers looking to integrate ancient yoga philosophy, tradition and practice with the best of cutting-edge science and evidence-based research. Our faculty are passionate, experienced yoga practitioners and highly-qualified experts and professionals in their respective fields, committed to educating curious, sincere and reflective yoga practitioners and teachers in a safe and supportive environment. The teachers foster both community and open dialogue-between East and West, science and spirit, past, present and future-which allows students to distill the essence of yoga for themselves, promoting a mindful body, embodied mind and a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Our highest mission is to grow a community of yoga practitioners who extend themselves for the purpose of nurturing their own and other’s spiritual growth, unify the next generation of practitioners and teachers in support of raising global consciousness, and set new standards for future yoga teacher education and professionalism.

Alignment Based, Somatic Approach

Somatic movement practices are any that invite the practitioner to use the body-mind connection to receive, process, and act on sensory feedback from the many systems of the body. This style of practice allows us to become exquisitely sensitive and attuned to the answer to the question: What is actually happening right now? Over time, with practice, the answers we receive can help us to restore the natural resiliency of the body, mind and nervous system, build self-trust, regulate and strengthen the immune system, and bring us greater capacity for joy and well-being.

This Somatic Approach, which draws not only from yoga, but also from the rich worlds of Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Hanna Somatics and Body-Mind Centering, is complemented by our commitment to offering skillful, alignment based yoga. Many years spent studying the alignment based systems in yoga (Iyengar, Anusara, and others), along with a deep and continuing study of Kinesiology and Functional Movement allow us to offer the best of both worlds: a roadmap to inhabiting the shapes of the poses you love with ease, strength and fluidity, as well as an invitation into an exploration of the inner landscape, which will keep you practicing safely for decades to come.